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RM 3,500,000
14 sqft, Freehold
Kluang, Johor
"14 acres Agriculture Land with Palm Oil Plantation near Bukit Batu, Kulai / Kluang Land size: approx. 14 acres Description: palm oil plantation, oil pa..."
Terrace - Kluang
RM 67,000
Kluang, Johor
"1 Storey Terraced House - Intermediate lot Reserve Price: RM 67,000.00 Auction Date: 28 January 2014 Reference No.: DC10017365 Location: Jalan 1/1..."
RM 34,000,000
740520 sqft, Freehold
Kluang, Johor
"This land is in Malaysia @ Kluang near paloh rd with photo attached. Freehold 17acres of land with plam oil tree from 1 - 10 yrs old with yearly. ..."
RM 100,000 (Neg)
1 sqft, Leasehold
Kluang, Johor
"Leasehold land for sale @ Bandar Kluang with 439.8094 sq m selling 100K only. Edward 065 97833953 0108879013"
RM 4,435,265 (Neg)
23.3435 sqft, Freehold
Kluang, Johor
"The entrance road to this land is at Jalan Mengkibol (Kluang to Simpang Renggam main Road). The land is located 4 lots away from main road (Jalan Mengkib..."
RM 35,800 (Neg)
Freehold, Vacant
Kluang, Johor
"Shop Lot Reserve Price: RM 35,800.00 Auction Date: 18 May 2013 Reference No.: DC10030416 Location: Basement Floor, Plaza Bcb, Jalan Bakawali, Klua..."
RM 39,700 (Neg)
Freehold, Vacant
Kluang, Johor
"Shop Lot Location: Basement Floor, Plaza BCB, Jalan Bakawali, Kluang, 86000, Johor Auction Price: RM 39,700.00 Auction Date: 2013-03-09 Property Code..."
RM 45,000 (Neg)
Kluang, Johor
"3 Bedroom Apartment Location: Block H, Jalan Haji Manan, 86000 Kluang, Johor Auction Price: RM 45,000.00 Auction Date: 2013-02-19 Property Code: PB35..."
RM 9,795,000 (Neg)
21.74 sqft, Leasehold
Kluang, Johor
"Vacant Land for Industry Use Reserve Price: RM 9,795,000.00 Auction Date: 9 January 2013 Reference No.: DC10030950 Location: Jalan Mersing, Kawasan J..."
RM 49,000 (Neg)
Leasehold, Vacant
Kluang, Johor
"Basement Floor, Shop Lot Reserve Price: RM 49,000.00 Auction Date: 22 December 2012 Reference No.: DC10030416 Location: Basement Floor, Plaza Bcb, ..."
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