About Us

About Property.cc

Property.cc is a startup that set to change the way people buy, sell and rent properties.

We started Property.cc because we believe that people spend way too much time searching for their dream homes. By providing various tools such as Property.cc Email Alert, Property Request, Property Buying Guides etc, we hope to help you make better buying decision.

Property.cc is also a tool for property agents to market their client's property and promote their services. We have got a Property Agents section(Coming Soon) dedicated to better serve you.

Listing your property on Property.cc will always be Free and anyone can participate.

How We Make Money

Property.cc is not property agents or brokers. We are not looking to make money from providing leads to property agents, nor are we going to make any commission on your property transaction.

We make money from advertising.

Our business model is very simple -- Create the best possible property portal for buyers, sellers, agents and landlords. Let every user of Property.cc has the best experience through user-friendly interface, meaningful features and useful information.

We believe money is a result or by-product only after you bring something useful to the marketplace.

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