Malaysia My Second Home Application
 Posted By | Mar 24, 2008

Effective 1 June 2007, all MM2H applications are to be submitted through licensed MM2H agents only. No individual applications nor third party applications will be entertained.

New Application

All applicants who wish to apply to stay in Malaysia under Malaysia My Second Home Programme must submit the following documents:

1) Letter of Application (Cover Letter)

-- Personal background and indicate your intention to join Malaysia My Second Home

-- With whom you wish to come ( single or with family)

-- Briefly explain how you will support your stay in Malaysia (financial capabilities)

2) One (1) copy of IM.12 Form (Social Visit Pass)

3) One (1) copy of MM2H Application Form

4) Two (2) coloured passport-sized photographs

5) Personal bond.

6) Certified copy of Passport / travel document (relevant/personal particulars)

7) Photocopy of other pages of passport / travel documents

8) Certified copy of Marriage Certificate (if accompanied by children)

9) Certified copy (s) of Birth Certificate (if accompanied by children)

10) Certified copy (s) of latest 3 months bank statement/other related financial document (s) to indicate the financial capability to support stay in Malaysia.

11) At least 3 months certified copies of pay slip/pension slip/income statement etc.

1) Items 2-4 are also required if accompanied by spouse and children below 18 years old (who is not married) who are regarded as dependent (s) of the applicant.

2) Dependants refer to children aged below 18 years old and not married.

3) Participants from selected countries who are entering Malaysia with Tourist Social Visit Pass prior to approval of Malaysia My Second Home programme are required to pay for Journey Performed Visa (JP) (RM500). The payment should be made to Immigration Department Putrajaya before they get endorsement of Malaysia My Second Home Sticker in their passport.

4) Certification can be done by Notary Public/Commisioner of Oath/Government Official

5) The processing and approval process will take 45 working days from the date of submission of the application (provided the documentation is complete )

6) Applicants above 50 years old who wish to stay in Sabah/Sarawak, should forward the application directly to the Director, State Immigration Department of Sabah / Sarawak.

Department of Immigration, Sabah
Tingkat 6,Bangunan Wisma Dang Bandang
Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman
88550 , Kota Kinabalu
Tel : +6088– 80700
Fax : +6088– 240005

Department of Immigration, Sarawak
Tingkat 1 & 2 , Bangunan Sultan Iskandar
Jalan Simpang Tiga
93550 , Kuching
Sarawak , Malaysia
Tel : +6082– 245661 / 240301 / 230317 / 230280 / 230314
Fax : +6088– 240390/ 428606

*Only applicants who are drawing from Government Approved Funds will be considered to have fulfilled the "Monthly off - Shore Income" criteria.


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